Member Feedback

“Undoubtedly IAGC has been instrumental in helping me feel welcome & happy about my move to Charleston. I must say I have not seen such an active and well-organized Indian community in any of the other three cities I have lived in. Of course Charleston is a smaller city, making it all the more important to have such a community organization that can help us stay in touch with our culture, festivals and most importantly our people. For our children growing up here, being part of IAGC will hopefully give them some sense of belonging & pride about their Indian heritage.

Also wanted to add. A sincere thanks to all those who put in their valuable time & resources to make it a success!”


Neeta Somaiah


“We joined Indian Association of Charleston in 2011 after we moved from Nebraska. So far we are enjoying to be a part of this. we have been to a few gatherings and we really liked them. The arrangements were fantastic and the food was excellent. It didn’t look like they missed anything. The overall atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. Everyone seems to be very helpful also. We are glad that we joined in and are looking forward to having great time ahead.”


Arpit Sharma

“Having lived in Chicago for 10 yrs, we had some doubts moving to a new place, much less a small town like Charleston. To our pleasant surprise, our move has been a great experience so far, and I owe a large part of it to the IAGC. The IAGC president, Joyce Menon, has been instrumental in making us feel welcome. In the first week of our move, Joyce told us about the IAGC and convinced us to join the association. Since then, we have attended numerous events like the fall picnic, India fest and the Diwali celebration. I’m so glad we attended those events! They were all arranged really well, with an incredible amount of personal touch. Diwali was especially fun, with great food and lovely cultural programs. The environment was very warm and friendly and made us feel welcome. It has been 5 months since we moved to Charleston and I feel like I know most of the Indian families here and I’m loving it. It was heartwarming to see so many people working hard to make these events a success. The amount of work the members put in behind the scenes to make the activities go smoothly is beyond description. I am looking forward to attending many such events in the future and possibly also contributing to them. My sincere thanks to IAGC for making us a part of their family.”


Radhika Gudi


“I think that IAGC does a great job of providing a portal for the Indian community in Charleston to get to know each other. The semi-annual picnics are examples of such social gatherings which introduce new members of the Indian community in Charleston to those who have already been here for some time. I have made a lot of wonderful friends through IAGC and am grateful to IAGC for having made me feel so welcome since I arrived here about a year ago.

In addition, the Indiafest hosted by IAGC has helped to make people in Charleston aware of our rich Indian heritage. It was a tremendous effort and hats off to the IAGC president (Joyce Menon)Â and other IAGC office bearers who made it possible.”


Chitra Lal